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Zauberhafte Inselgesellen 2011

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Batot 2006 2007

Dúo de folklóre irlandés con la violinista Uli Teigelake con melodías marítimas de Irlanda, Escocia, Dinamarca, Argentina, Bretaña y Hungría. Giras por el oeste y el norte de Alemania, así como por Bretaña y actuación en el Festival de "World Music" más grande de Europa, "TFF Rudolstadt" 2007.

Fotos: Anna Sara Jagiolla & Christoph Lichtenberg

Irish Folk duo with the violinist Uli Teigelake with maritime melodies from Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Argentina, Brittany and Hungary. Tours through Western and Northern Germany as well as Brittany and appearance at Europe's largest World Music Festival "TFF Rudolstadt" 2007.

Fotos: Anna Sara Jagiolla & Christoph Lichtenberg

Pottstars 2008

Launched as a spoof on the talent show format "Popstars", the monthly show editions developed into a half-year music marathon with tram castings, motto shows and jury battles. In the end I finished third and won the Pottstar Contest 2008 with the singer Anja Shure.

SvenKla 2009 2010

Songwriter duo with the cajonist Klaus Sonntag, who accompanied my "strange songs from the wild life" percussively.CD Production "Acoustic Fortune Cookies" 2009 and Live DVD Production 2010 as well as appearance on Europe's biggest World Music Festival "TFF Rudolstadt" 2010.

Fotos: Michael Hoch


Zauberhafte Inselgesellen 2011

Founded at a festival on the Baltic Sea island of Rügen 2011, where Sylvia Kirchherr (voice, guitar & accordion), Markus Zink (saxophone & clarinet), Yandaal (transverse flute) and Svense (guitar & Sansula) appeared individually and then joined forces. From the summer project grew up the Wildfang Duo ...


Wildfang 2011-2014

Duo with singer, guitarist and accordionist Sylvia Kirchherr. Mexican and Bavarian "World Music for all" CD Production "Live & on the Road" 2011, Spain and Portugal Tour 2011, Germany Tour 2012 and CD Production "Kraut & Rüben" 2014 together with Jaron Tripp (hang & percussion).

Dirk Schmellenkamp
Martin Wächter
Thomas Hoffmann

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Sincronautes 2014-2016

Improvisation duo with the Spanish singer Edgar Cueto."Streetflowing" performances in Barcelona.Special skills : Guerrilla improvisations in public space.

Fotos: Patrick Beelaert


Duo con Leni Cruzate 2015-2016

"Modern Pop" duo with the Catalan singer Leni Cruzate with cover versions of Milow, Jason Mraz, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Fields, Gotye, Mecano, Train, etc. Concerts in Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Berlin.

Fotos: Martin Gutzeit


Duo con Tànit Navarro 2015

Composition duo with the catalan singer and writer Tànit Navarro.
Production of 30 songs in december 2015.

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Edward´s Secret 2016

Performance Duo with the Dutch dancer and actor Maisa Sally-Anna Perk.

Fotos: Francesca Rauchi & Patrick Beelaert


Mega Pixels 2015-2016

Silent film music duo with the Argentine musician Ulises Yanov.
Live concerts with the surrealistic short films of the silent film pioneer Segundo De Chomón as well as the animated films Bill Plymptons in Barcelona 2015 and Buenos Aires 2016.

Fotos: Xavier Moreno & Federico Sancho


Monastery of Dreams 2015-2017

International Artist Community based on movement, performance and Contact Improvisation in a former monastery convent in northern Catalonia.
2016 International Performance Festival.
2017 Move to the French Pyrenees.
As Europe´s only Contact Improvisation Community Workshop program related to Dance, Butoh, Bodywork, Performance, Aguahara and Improvisation with 2000 participants from 20 countries and guest lecturers like Jess Curtis or Jules Beckman.

Fotos: Patrick Beelaert


Los Discretos 2017

"Modern Latin" duo with the Catalan singer and dancer Tatiana Massaguer. Versions of Natalia Lafourcade, La Yegros, Lila Downs, Joan Colomo, Lhasa De Sela, La Lupe or Perotá Chingó. Colombia tour 2017.

Fotos: Mike Poltarak

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Duo con Leni Cruzate 2015-2016

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Duo con Tànit Navarro 2015

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Edward´s Secret

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Mega Pixels

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Monastery of Dreams 2015-2017

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Los Discretos

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